A Dying Art?

In the beginning…there was film. And film reels and developer tanks. And chemical concoctions named “developer” and “fix” (with odors no more pleasant than curd milk). And darkrooms with anxious shadows. And light-sensitive paper and enlargers. And physical burning and dodging tools (not icons that you click on in Photoshop). AND INFINITE OPPORTUNTIES FOR ERRORS (you can’t just “Photoshop that shit” and ctrl+z, naw mean).

…then there was light. But of course there’s the inconvenient truth that you can’t make a photograph without light, so by “light” I actually mean the “end of the tunnel”, the smug satisfaction of creating something semi-worthy to be proud of after numerous trials and errors.

Okay, enough of the bull; here are my favorite shots for assignment #1, “Light and Frame”.

Assignment #2, “Time and Space”, is due on Tuesday and I’m 3.5 rolls of film behind and desperately stuck. What are ways of abstracting time through a photograph? I’m not too keen on the stop-action or blurred motion shots and literal interpretations of traffic lights and clocks. Ideas?