Waves of Snoring

Not traveling with a tour group or the entire family has its benefits and disadvantages. On one hand, I can read until sunrise, sleep until 4pm, then spend the rest of the “day” in a public food court with free wifi. On the other hand, some days can be a total drag.

Because this is my third time here in Bangkok and also longest stay yet, I have no desire to revisit all the palaces and temples, see more gator and snake shows, have another ridiculous gown custom tailored, buy more precious stones—you know, redo the things tourists aught to do in Thailand. I might go parasailing again and be dunked in the ocean unexpectedly, but that’s only if I figure out the bus system from Bangkok to Pattaya (and wake up in time).

Yesterday (as my sister and I were still sleeping), my mom went on a boat ride and was told that she should go see the elephant parade at night next to the Erawan Buddha. So when she came back to take a nap, my sister and I left with a few maps in hand in search of cute Thai elephants. We walked to the nearest skytrain stop, hopped on, and hopped off at the nearest stop next to this so-called Erawan…except there were no elephants anywhere near Erawan! So we went shopping at Central Word Plaza instead without actually shopping and did mindless things like, watch traffic down below from the skywalk.

Just about the most interesting thing that has happened today is, we bought little cases of Trap-a-Roach and set them up in various nooks and crannies in the condo—‘cept we have yet to, you know, trap a roach.

To kill my humorless sarcasm and make this post a little more uplifting, I’ll end by quoting my sister:
“You know how mommy was snoring really loudly yesterday and I couldn’t fall asleep? So I tried to think of each snore as something calming like a wave, ‘cept it didn’t work.”

Apologies to all those snoring now. Just wanted to let y’all know that I am still alive and well, because every time I cross the street, I see my life flash before me…in the form of headlights.