The Emerald City

I had imagined a city where trees outnumbered humans and rain clouds loomed above; a city where grunge and indie music played in the background and hipsters drank Starbucks and Seattle’s Best as they wove through streets on skateboards. And instead of seeing any skateboards, I saw policemen riding segways in stylish shades. Yes, Seattle was basking in sunshine the day I walked near the Space Needle and discovered Pike’s Market and the first ever Starbucks store, then watched cargo ships sail into port as orange cranes welcomed them with their brontosaurian demeanor.

The city is green (thanks to nine months of rain) but the people also manifest the lifestyle via more than just segways and farmer’s market produce. Microsofties go kayaking and hiking for fun and carpool lane requires at least three people. Seattlelites can also turn gum waste into art and drain pipes into potting for plants. What more? The city is extremely clean and pedestrian friendly!

My favorite meal: amazing rolls at Umi’s Sake House in Belltown:
My personal recommendation are the 007 (salmon), 008 (tuna), and Casino Royale (yellowtail) rolls. All three have spicy tuna, avocado and cucumber on the inside, wrapped with sashimi, topped with lime, cilantro, and copious amounts of sliced green peppers & jalapenos.

I left shaken, not stirred — which means I will be back. Someday.