Tour my new SF digs!

I just moved into a 1200 sq ft. three-bedroom apartment in the heart of San Francisco’s Inner Sunset district the beginning of this month. As our landlord convinced us, “Your real kitchen is downstairs and your backyard is Golden Gate Park.” I am merely steps away from highly rated restaurants such as Park Chow, Marnee ThaiEbisu, and San Tung. There might not be Tartine Bakery but we’ve got Arizmendi’s, and when I wait for the muni around the corner every morning, I have the option of grabbing Jamba Juice for breakfast (at the same corner). I adore my roommates (whom I didn’t know previously… and already cook me pasta, offer to pick up items from Target for me, even bring my pants to their favorite tailors).

Now that the flea problem has [hopefully] been resolved and I’ve put together 37-step Ikea furniture, hemmed curtains, framed posters, heckled with Comcast… my room actually looks and feels like a habitable space. Horray, it even matches! And despite choosing the smallest of the three rooms, it’s just big enough to fit a queen bed, an eight-drawer dresser, a desk, and bookshelf. (Guests will have to sit on the floor for now.)

I’ve been taking long exposure shots at night of iconic San Francisco landmarks, which I hope to print and frame for our living room, and eventually, I hope to paint a few paintings as well, but for now, here’s what I’ve got for my bedroom: