15-30 sec. exposures of SF at night!

Shooting [photography] (not wild game, paintballs or basketballs) with someone more determined and patient than I am always inspires me to try harder. My friend, Chris, drove up the last two nights to shoot some night photography with me, since we promised our friend that we’d contribute to an art show she’s curating on the 30th. Despite the rain and wind (worst conditions for a tripod and camera), we headed to the Palace of Fine Arts at midnight… and I ended up with a bad headache, fogged up lens, and a batch of unusable photos (with crazy cool flairs and bokeh, I suppose) — still worth the experience:

The night after was much better since there was little wind and no rain, except after three hours, I thought my fingers really were going to fall off from near-frostbite (especially at the piers). The act of trekking to scenic spots at night: exhilarating! The actual shooting and waiting in the cold: excrutiating. Finally coming home and uploading photos: comforting! Realizing that most of my photos are blurry from the wind: disappointing but not discouraging, lol.

I’m not satisfied with any of the shots I’ve taken yet, so for the next few days, I’ll probably be wandering around the city with a conspicuously large camera like an engrossed tourist (if I’m shooting architecture) or creeper (if I’m shooting strangers).

The de Young Museum & The Academy of Sciences:

The Japanese Tea Garden:

The Golden Gate:

A view of San Francisco: