Labor Day Biking Escapade!

Today, Martin, Frances, Ryan and I biked from Pier39 to Sausalito! This is the second time I’ve done this, and it wasn’t any less amazing than the first. In fact, I think it was even more spectacular because of the drastic weather differences and also because there were new bike routes! The last time, we had to bike alongside the freeway next to speeding cars to get to Sausalito — now there’s a more scenic and less dangerous route to the same destination. They also fixed up and expanded the bike path leading up to the bridge — pretty awesome.

There was such beautiful weather in SF during the day!

We briefly stopped by the Palace of Fine Arts to take in the scenery and soak in the sunshine:

It was still sunny right before we got onto the bridge:

…and then the fog and wind hit full force:

After descending from the bridge, it was sunny again!

Sausalito had gorgeous weather and we grabbed food at the Napa Valley Burger Company, before heading back via the ferry. The ferry stopped in Tiberon first, and we could see thick, dense fog engulfing San Francisco:

Then from Tiberon, we left the clear skies and headed straight into the dense fog wall, which quickly covered up the sun. It was bizarre. We could see the horizon on all three sides, and then a blank whiteness in the direction of San Francisco. As we inched closer toward the fog, it felt like we were sailing into a cloud with nothing beyond the void.

It was reassuring to see land again!