Wuliany Wedding: Getting Ready!

I thought I was going to be a really awesome bride with a camera strapped around my neck, taking pictures of all the floral decor and party favors we worked so hard on — but things got hectic fast, and pretty much the only time I had control of my camera was in the Monarch room, our meeting room-turned-changing room/make-up studio/hair salon.

Look at all the make up! — I mean half of it!

If you need signage/programs done, go to Helen. I showed her a pin I liked on Pinterest and she copied it to a T — to the dots, too.

Di is up first! Check out that mane!

It turns out really good!

While everyone else is getting ready, I pig out and take photos of everything I can, without venturing outside.

Our DIY centerpieces! wish I took more photos of these individually, since no two bottles are the same!

Our shoes! These were the gifts to my bridesmaids, which I hand-stitched/monogrammed myself! No blisters allowed.

Sarah gets her hair done next. It starts out cray-cray…

…but comes together really nicely!

Suddenly, a male intruder enters the girls’ changing room. Oh, but he’s got a box of…something “from the men for the ladies!”

Di is delighted that Ken brought us cupcakes! (Ryan claims that it was his idea <3)

They are very pretty cupcakes <3

Audrey is studying and Helen is getting her makeup done now.

Aww, mei mei looks so pretty!

Who knew short hair could look this good?!

Kristine also transforms Helen’s short hair. Lurve it.

Helen looks stunning! (but I think she only has one set of eyelashes on so far)

Sarah gets her makeup done next…

Someone cracks a joke…and possibly lays an egg.

Then Di gets her makeup done by the talented and also newly-wedded Mrs. Snellen Van Vollenhoven. I just wanted to say that. That’s Annette.

Helen is back to decorating chalkboards!

and then finally, I get my hair and makeup done by the talented sisters.

Meanwhile, the boys are finishing up last minute decor touches before the guests arrive. and by that, I mean do what the moms command.

and here’s a teaser!

I figured our photographer has way nicer photos than the ones people took with my camera, so I’ll just wait on his photos before bombarding my blog with anymore wedding frenzy.

In the meantime, Ryan and I are having a blast in Bangkok! We just checked out the floating market this morning and rode an elephant through jungly terrain. Tokyo and Singapore were filled with great sights and good food, which means I’ll be posting updates soon!