Wuliany Wedding in Carmel!

We have wedding photos at last! Major thanks to all the friends and family who helped out — seriously, we wouldn’t have been able to plan and do everything on our own. We literally didn’t have to hire any professional because…you guys ARE professionals! We’d like to make shoutouts to the extra special guests who made our wedding a night to remember: THANK YOU Hy Vu of HyStudio for taking our photos from Saturday afternoon to Sunday night; all my girlfriends who helped out with the centerpieces, particularly Amy, Christine, Daisy, Helen, Jenny and Steph; my Mother in Law for the most beautiful ribbons in the world; Steve for being the most eloquent officiant on short notice and most entertaining MC duo with DV; Jeff for his melodic guitar drifts and piano ballads; and last but not least, Chris for pumpin’ up the beat all night long. YOU GUYS ROCK SO MUCH!!! Bridesmaids and groomsmen, besides the obvious and the details, thanks for putting up with coral. Real men wear pink.

For more photos, please check the Facebook album or Wedding Party App!