Shanghai, Old and New

Day 27, Monday, November 5, 2012
Today, our ship docked in Shanghai and went up the Huang Pu river, which separates Pu Dong from Pu Xi. Pu Dong is the “New Shanghai” housing all the skyscrapers while Pu Xi has dozens of colonial era buildings along The Bund as well as the well-preserved though tourisfied Yu Yuan Garden.

We went up the Jin Mao tower first for a panoramic view of Shanghai and its Oriental Pearl:

jinmao1 jinmao2 jinmao3 jinmao4

I suppose there is yet another tower going up next door.


Then as a stark contrast, we hung out at Yu Yuan on the Pu Xi side:


Legit mom and son.

oldtown01 oldtown02 oldtown03 oldtown04 oldtown05 oldtown06 oldtown07 oldtown08 oldtown09 oldtown10 oldtown11 oldtown12 oldtown13 oldtown14 oldtown15 oldtown16 oldtown17 oldtown18 oldtown19

…and if you were wondering, it was hands down, the worst boba I’ve ever tried.