Busan, South Korea

Day 30: Thursday, November 8, 2012
Busan reminds me a lot of Kaohsiung — a second largest city in a small, Asian country that’s a bit more laid back…with people who don’t speak much English. We managed to wander around on our own anyway, sans tour this time. Plus, carrying a fat wad of Korean Won sure made me feel like Mr. Monopoly — ballerr.

busan1 busan2 busan3

I thought Lotte only made cute snacks, but I guess they have a mall, too! Surprisingly, it was kind of hard to find Korean food in the food court, past all the Pizza Huts and Jamba Juices…



I got my soondobu after a lot of pointing to pictures!


The Gukje market reminds me a lot of Taipei’s flea markets, but open during the day instead.


Dried squid parts or McDonald’s?

busan7 busan8 busan9

We only had a half day in Busan as our ship had to sail full-speed starting that evening, in order to make it to our final destination by Saturday: Tianjin. I will miss our stateroom D515 and table 69!