Shanghai Museum Style

Day 36: Wednesday, November 14, 2012
Thanks to a friend’s suggestion, we decided to check out the Urban Planning Exhibition Center in People’s Park, just down the street from our hotel. Did you know that the park used to be a race course for the British?!



The urban planning center had a few interesting exhibits on the colonial era financial buildings to the traditional Shanghainese shikumen housing, to a giant full city model of Shanghai’s current buildings in relation to all the other proposed skyscrapers yet to come. I found the timeline of The Bund from then to now pretty interesting, since I got to witness it under construction in 2009 and enjoy its renovated version yesterday. There was also a Russian architecture firm exhibiting on one of the floors, which I (as the architecture major) found a lot more inspiring than Ryan did.

urban2 urban3 urban4 urban5

Afterward, we went in search of food and ended up going to a noodle chain in a mall food court, apparently famous for their duck noodles:


Rejuvenated, we took the subway to the Science & Tech Museum because we really wanted to check out the rumored “genuine fake market” in the basement (which has no relation whatsoever to the museum itself, other than the numerous arrows on the floor trying to direct you to the museum). I ended up buying a “Longchamp” tote for 60rmb after some bargaining, which is around $9! (Somehow, I feel like I might’ve still been ripped off, but the quality is decent.) After circling the market maze for awhile, we finally made it to the museum — which was shockingly empty. (I was just getting used to the crowds everywhere!) There was a fake rainforest (like San Francisco’s Academy of Science’s, except faker with plastic), a 3D movie theatre (like San Jose’s Tech Museum), and a bunch of kiddy exhibitions on robots solving rubik’s cubes, robots playing four-in-a-row with you, and robots drawing your caricature. I think we were just jaded…

st1 st2 st3

That night, we went to a fancy restaurant called M1NT, recommended by another friend, and I keep saying this but — I had the best meal of my life again! Ryan keeps pulling off the “It’s for our honeymoon” and I keep getting surprises, like TWENTY RED ROSES, FREE OF CHARGE! Who said the Chinese were cheap?! They’re just good businessmen. The food was simple fancy fusion, like wagyu beef potstickers and Peking duck wrapped in tortilla, haha. I might’ve overdone it with the tuna tartare and the tuna steak, but I guess I just subconsciously miss Japan and Tsukiji. FYI, Shanghai tap must not be safe to drink, because we were served Voss water.

mint1 mint2 mint3

Thank you, Ryan, for yet another awesome honeymoon dinner!

Day 37: Thursday, November 15, 2012
I was sooo sad I couldn’t take the roses with me, so I scrapbooked a few petals in my journal then left the bouquet on the pillow for the cleaning lady. At last, we flew to the land of my people, Taiwan! P.S. The new Shanghai airport is really awesome.


P.P.S. Everything in Taipei looks so outdated compared to Shanghai! I swear this is a very recent phenomenon…