Family Time in the South of Taiwan

Family time in Taiwan is usually down time to recover from traveler’s fatigue, but each day spent with the relatives has its highlights, too!

Day 42: Tuesday, November 20, 2012
Highlight: Going to a nightmarket in Kaohsiung and throwing angry birds, popping balloons with darts, and winning a bunch of little presents for the cousins!

nightmarket1 nightmarket2 nightmarket3

Day 43: Wednesday, November 21, 2012
Highlight #1: Biking around Kaohsiung, behind my aunt in her ninja mask sun-protection gear.

biking1 biking2 biking3 biking4

Highlight #2: hitting up Harbour Restaurant with my grandpa — one of the largest buffets I’ve ever seen (comparable to Vegas, yo)! I ate my admission price in sashimi.



Highlight #3: Getting our hair washed, which is no joke in Taiwan. You get a scalp massage, neck and shoulder massage, not to mention beautifully washed and styled hair! Tea is served while you flip through a magazine of your choice.


Day 44: Thursday, November 22, 2012
Highlight #1: Stopping by a famous breakfast place (興隆居 Xing Long Ju) for their sui jian bao’s (soup buns) and gua bao’s (think Taiwanese hamburger) before heading to Tainan to see Ama!

breakfast1 breakfast2

Highlight #2: a home-cooked meal at last by my grandma, for a happy, humble Thanksgiving <3


Day 45: Friday, November 23, 2012
Highlight: my grandma put on a little reception dinner for us and invited a bunch of our relatives! That night, we had really good family prayer time and my cousin, Lily, ended up staying with us in Tainan.

reception1 reception2

Day 46: Saturday, November 24, 2012
Woke up super early and taxi’d to Taichung with my cousin to go to their church for a conference and hear Marc Dupont preach. The unexpected happened, we missed/rescheduled our flight to Seoul, and church members graciously hosted us for the night. Ryan had a great time sharing his testimony over pizza!

Day 47: Sunday, November 25, 2012
After a great church service, I got to eat my first meal since Friday! (long story…) at Pear Cafe, over great conversations with awesome strangers, who gave us a lot of insight and direction. Praise the Lord!

pear1 pear2


It was kind of sad having to say goodbye to Lily, but I’m glad we got to stay an extra day in Taichung after all. My uncle drove us to the HSR station, where we managed to buy last minute tickets for the train arriving just in time to get us to Taoyuan to catch our flight out to Seoul. In other words, the rest of the day went something like this:
Car ride in Taichung > High speed rail to Taoyuan > Bus to airport > Plane from Taiwan to South Korea > Bus from Incheon to Seoul!!!


This is my I-am-so-tired-but-hello-from-Gangnam[style] photo!