Historic Bukchon

Day 49: Tuesday, November 27, 2012
One of the greatest enigmas of all time is, how do Korean women stay so skinny despite their protein-heavy, sodium loaded diets?! Regardless, we pretty much ate our way through Seoul, starting at a real charcoal grill kalbi place.

kalbi1 kalbi2

The unmarinated options are actually more expensive than the marinated ones, because they are higher quality cuts. Now you know.

As if kalbi weren’t enough, we got Mister Donut right afterward (on this trip alone, we’ve had Mister Donut in Bangkok, Shanghai, and Taipei, but not Tokyo — LOL).


Next, we walked around the historic neighborhoods of Bukchon. When I showed my mom these photos, she squealed in delight and recognition, because apparently, these scenes are pretty popular in the world of Korean dramas.

bukchon1 bukchon2 bukchon3 bukchon4 bukchon5 bukchon6 bukchon7 bukchon8 bukchon9 bukchon10

After all the walking, we sat down at a really cute cafe for a short break:



Mesmerized by the interior decor, I was convinced that I wanted to check out the street full of equally cute cafes a few blocks away. After much meandering, we found another cafe with actual coffee trees indoors! What Ryan ended up actually getting: waffles and ice-cream.



Clearly, we burned more calories in the freezing cold (or not) because after a full day of eating, we decided to go back to the Coex mall’s food court for pho, since Ryan’s stomach wasn’t feeling well — go figure.

pho1 pho2

The pho here was much better than the pho we had in Vietnam — but nowhere near the pho back in the Bay Area.