On Photography

Considering that my childhood was heavily documented on film, I like to bring my camera everywhere in order to capture the fleeting moments, the joyous trips and life-changing adventures — with the mindset that photos become life’s most comprehensive souvenirs to reflect upon, when the details start to blur.

Looking through a lens actively forces me to seek what’s beautiful or grotesque, notice the details, and view the world with a little more patience and understanding. Through the years, photography has become a blossoming passion of mine, and this blog documents that journey as an amateur aspiring photographer leaping towards professionalism.


Q: What camera equipment do you use to take your photos?
A: I have a Canon 7D, two prime lenses (35mm and 50mm), and a Tamron 28-75mm zoom lens. Prior to September 2011, all I had was a Rebel XTi! I recently also purchased a Panasonic x10 for lightweight travel usage.

Q: Where are you based?
A: I currently live in Seattle, Washington with my husband. Prior to 2013, I lived in the Bay Area for a quarter century (grew up in Fremont, went to school in Berkeley, lived/worked in San Francisco).

Q: How does Seattle compare to San Francisco?
A: It’s very similar in terms of demographics and having a solid tech industry and thriving startup community. However, the Pacific Northwest is so much more beautiful, lush, and affordable!

Q: What do you do when you’re not traveling and taking pictures?
A: I’m designing products, like mobile apps and websites.