About This Blog

Serenastyle.com is a personal photojournal, written and shot through the lens of a hobbyist photographer (sometimes wielding just a point-n-shoot or iPhone). Here, you’ll find postcards from my travels abroad, special moments from friends’ weddings, and occasional glimpses into my personally-styled home.

What you won’t find here are thoughts on the intersection of technology and design or perspectives on entrepreneurship (sorry). Our 52-day honeymoon throughout 15 Asian cities is documented in extensive detail, but our three-year journey building a startup from the ground up to raising funding and selling to a multinational corporation — not so much. Hopefully, that will change in 2017, as I reflect more on the past few years, undocumented on this blog.

About the Author

Raised by an artist and an entrepreneur, my childhood was heavily documented on film, which is why I love to bring my camera everywhere — to capture the fleeting moments, joyful memories, and life-changing adventures. To me, photographs are life’s most comprehensive souvenirs to reflect upon, especially when the details start to blur. By looking through a lens proactively, I hope to view the world with a little more patience and understanding.