That’s How We Do.

I just spent the last few hours of 2008 and first few of 2009 with hundreds of architecture students from all parts of the nation—in one grand ballroom in Denver. Of course, we had to showcase our creativity through the “recycle” theme, so girls came in thoughtfully designed plastic/paper dresses…

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Final Photo Review.

I admit, I will miss this class. It meant so much more to me than say, the Cournot-equilibrium—I mean, please. Real life application? Photography, on the other hand, is actually a viable (though difficult) hobby that I can further pursue and refine. For those interested in VS181, Janet Delaney is…the…

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A Dying Art?

In the beginning…there was film. And film reels and developer tanks. And chemical concoctions named “developer” and “fix” (with odors no more pleasant than curd milk). And darkrooms with anxious shadows. And light-sensitive paper and enlargers. And physical burning and dodging tools (not icons that you click on in Photoshop)….

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