Thai Spices

What’s hotter than Bruneian sand? Singapore weather. What’s hotter than Singapore? Bangkok’s male population. What’s hotter than Thai men? Thai food, of course. Ouch…the roof is on fire. Within the last five days, I’ve flown from the sandy shores of Brunei back to the busy streets of Kuala Lumpur, then…

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Goodbye, Brunei

We spent the last day wandering around downtown, absorbing in the sights and sounds of Brunei. The food was mediocre, shopping — subpar, but public transportation was decent and everyone seemed relatively friendly and content with their lives and sultan (who apparently flies in jets full of fruits to hand…

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Typhooned In

Hailing from California (I know, I’m so puny), I’ve never been “snowed in” or exempt from work or school. Our weather is also too sunny for rainstorms, too calm for tornadoes, and too dry for hurricanes. No one “forecasts” an earthquake or brushfire—so needless to say, experiencing my first typhoon in…

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Shenanigans in Chicago

The fact that I’ve titled this blog post “shenanigans” while Daisy has titled hers “vagabonds” should be a pretty good (albeit exaggerated) indicator of the gist of our spontaneous Chicago trip. If every traveling “plan” had to have a purpose, then ours would be simply to free our minds and…

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ITASA West Coast and Midwest Conferences 2009

Lost in Translation I think part of what is making schoolwork so difficult is the post-conference lethargy associated with nostalgic longing—which of course, is exacerbated by daily monotony. It’s the trough after the peak, the low levels of endorphins after too much stimulation—the emotional flatline. So here I am blogging,…

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