Le Musée du Louvre

The first time I visited the Louvre was on a class trip the summer before high school started. I was jetlagged and not quite old enough to appreciate much of anything, really. The second time, I was on one of those obnoxious Chinese-English tour groups that blazed through the crowds from one key art piece to another. Needless to say, I didn’t really experience the Louvre until this trip — third time’s the charm, right?

Ryan and I walked from the L’Arc de Triomph all the way to the Louvre (reference frame: that’s 6 metro stops), so we were able to experience the Champs Elysees leading up to Place de la Concorde, through the Tuileries gardens, which finally opened up and revealed the magnificent palace. It was so breathtaking that we went back the next day. Continue reading

Snapshots from New York City

Ryan and I spent a few days in New York before our Euro trip, to make the trans-atlantic flight more bearable. I think it was a good idea to adjust our internal clock a few hours forward and get used to the tourist crowds in advance, too. Highlights of the Big Apple? The High Line, Brooklyn Bridge, and Lady M crepe cakes — with an emphasis on the last. Continue reading

Before & After: Our Dining Room Reveal

Last July, Ryan and I bought our first home: a cute little ~900sqft condo in a suburban neighborhood of Seattle proper. I fell in love with the unit at first sight, due to the amount of natural light flooding into an efficient floor plan — not to mention the plethora of windows affording awesome views of the downtown skyline and Capitol Hill. The building is a little over 20 years old, but our unit was pretty well maintained, so aside from new bedroom carpeting and a few layers of paint, we had little renovations to do.

I’ve been meaning to do a home tour ever since we moved in, but decorating took much longer (and proved much more difficult) than I imagined! Sometimes, when a piece seems to fit (mentally), it doesn’t actually work in real life because the proportions are off, or, by measurements, the furniture will fit, but when you actually assemble it and move it into place, something is off. As a recent Seattle transplant and first-time homeowner, we didn’t have much to work with, thus the partial reveal 10 months later. Regardless, I am most proud of our living room progress (thus the debut!), as I think it is the most collected and composed room in our home thus far. Continue reading

The Galvin Ranch House

Ryan advises a few companies on technical architecture, and a few weeks ago, one of his clients graciously flew both of us down to Santa Barbara to spend a weekend on her ranch. Crazy how rooster crows, fresh eggs, furry pals, and horse rides can make this city gal crave country life! Or maybe it was the endorphin-inducing California sun. Continue reading

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