7 easy activities to do with a baby in Oahu

When it comes to vacation destinations fitting for a baby, Hawaii is a popular choice for many reasons. Safety, sanitation, and weather aren’t generally concerns; travel logistics are easy; and for Americans, the baby doesn’t even need a passport yet! Restaurants and hotels nearly all cater towards families—but when nature treks and water-sports can feel too ambitious with a baby, it may seem like there isn’t actually much to do with a little one except stay on a resort and head to dinner at opening hour.

Considering Oahu was our first vacation destination with our six-month-old, we kept it super chill. Here are some easy activities to do with a baby in Oahu, not too far from Honolulu in the popular resort areas of Ko Olina and Waikiki.

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11 places to eat and grab coffee in New Orleans

New Orleans is known for its Cajun and Creole dishes like gumbo and jambalaya as well as soul foods like po’boys and fried gator, with an emphasis on seafood ingredients (given its proximity to the Mississippi and the Gulf). Restaurants offering these dishes are ubiquitous in NOLA—present on every block and teeming with people as a proxy for quality—so this guide is not that. (I am certain you won’t have trouble finding great oysters, po’boys, or jambalaya at all.)

Instead, this guide is for the Instagrammer seeking a treat within a beautiful backdrop; the family looking for kid-friendly options and no judgement; and the foodie in search of a muffaletta sandwich or beignet better than Cafe Du Monde’s.

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14 activities to do with kids in New Orleans

New Orleans is infamous for its nightlife and partying—bars along Bourbon Street, colorful characters on Frenchmen Street, jazz clubs, casinos, and Mardi Gras, just to name a few. However, New Orleans is also incredibly family-friendly with a plethora of activities to do with kids during the day. We had enough activities planned to fill an entire week in The Crescent City!

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Ancient Athens’ Acropolis & Agora

How’s that for an alliterating title? The ancient greeks had their A-game on, apparently. The contrasting difference between colorful, idyllic Santorini and the haggard, sobering appearance of Athens was a bit jarring, so two days was just the right amount of time for us to explore the ancient ruins and wander about Plaka, the more interesting part of town. It was also a great way…

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Vatican City

The metro stop is only four blocks from the Vatican, but it felt like such a laborious journey to the city walls, because of all the tour promoters heckling you for business. After seeing the endless line wrapped around the fortified enclave, we finally gave in to one extremely convincing sales rep, who had the scorching sun on his side that day. Regardless, cutting the…

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Parisian Charm

When you have beautifully pruned gardens, pedestrian paths along the Seine, and museums in what were once ornate palaces and grand train stations, it’s no wonder that you’re labeled the “most romantic city” in the world. At the same time, I’ve never been in any other city where I’ve had to try so hard to please the locals — speak their language, order proper 3-course…

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