About this blog

Serenastyle started out as a personal photo-journal documenting our 52-day honeymoon throughout Asia as well as a few other adventures before there were curfews. Many years later, the site has been relaunched as a travel and lifestyle blog focused on family-friendly excursions and activities—with the occasional parenting hack.

If you’re curious to learn how we survived a 17-hour flight to Singapore with a one-year-old or filled a week-long trip to New Orleans (a city famed for its nightlife) for a toddler, this blog is for you!

Transparency disclosure: Occasionally, some of the links in my blog posts may contain affiliate links, meaning I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. This is how I offset costs for running this self-hosted blog!

About the author

Hi, I’m Serena! The first year of motherhood was really difficult for me, but the trips we took as a family pulled me out of the funk I was in and helped me to not feel “stuck” in a static routine. This blog is as much for you (to help plan awesome family vacations) as it is for me to hit pause on the chores and take a breather for myself. Writing and photography have been my hobbies for many years, and I hope to keep those parts of my identity flourishing—even as a full-time working mom in tech.

In another chapter of my life, I co-authored the viral humor blog, My Mom is a Fob, which Perigee Books published in print form in January 2011 (the same month Amy Chua published Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother). Fun fact: Eddie Huang (of Fresh off the Boat, before it was even a book, let alone a sitcom) opened at our book launch in New York City. Back then, I had no idea what motherhood was really like.

My family and I live intentionally small in downtown San Francisco, walking distance from work and daycare. If you’re interested in space-saving decor and storage hacks, reach out!