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From the Forbidden City to the Great Wall

Day 33: Sunday, November 11, 2012 Wow, what an amazing, eye-opening, and humbling day. We started off at Tiananmen Square, where we could see the world’s longest road, largest museum, biggest this, greatest that — no joke — then walked through the Forbidden City, which felt like an optical illusion where you’ve walked so far yet find yourself walking through another palace court mimicking the…

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Squatty Toilets & Indigestion

Eight flights later, I’m back home in California. NorCal weather never felt so good before. I’d like to think that my Mandarin and Taiwanese have improved, especially with so many late nights spent in four different hotels watching brain-rotting amounts of channel [V]—but I don’t think I ever said much more than “how much” and “thank you” either. To clarify, I did not go to…

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