What types of baby gear do you travel with?
This question is so popular, I’ve made a dedicated page for gear recommendations!

Is there an ideal age for traveling with children?
There is never an “ideal” age to travel with young children, but there are many factors to consider. For instance, children under two (“lap infants”) fly free, if you’re cool sharing a seat. Babies are super easy to carry around in just a carrier; toddlers are not. Some of the larger planes have bassinets for the bulkhead seats, but they’re typically only appropriate for babies under 6 months and <20 lbs. If your child is 1+ years and at least 22 lbs, there’s the FAA-approved CARES harness that tethers to an airplane seat; and if your child is 3+ years, there are special travel vests/restraints (like the RideSafer travel vest) that can be used in lieu of car seats in motor vehicles. These types of gadgets allow you to travel safely with a lot less bulk but have age and weight requirements. If there are outbreaks of any diseases anywhere, you may also want to consider traveling based on when your child has received certain vaccines.

How old was your child on his first flight? 
Our son was 3-months-old for his first flight to Seattle (2 hours) to visit family, and 6-months-old for his first vacation to Hawaii (5 hours). We braved a 17-hour flight to Singapore when he was just shy of 12 months. 

How do you typically get to the airport?
We just Uber/taxi and bring our own car seat. We also limit all of our clothing to one checked luggage, no matter the length of the trip. (This is particularly important if you ever have to hop on a train or bus with everything in tow.)

What are some “hacks” for traveling efficiently or making life easier away from home?
Other than using the Doona, a carseat-stroller I’ve highly recommended on the gear list, I also painted our very average-looking black luggage with colorful shapes as a decorative pattern, so we can recognize it right away on the conveyor belt and exit the airport as fast as possible. For trips within the US, I’ll order groceries and detergent to our hotel room (or wherever we’re staying) via Instacart. I’ve done this in Seattle, Santa Barbara, and New Orleans so far. Here’s a code for $10 off your first order!

Which states have you been to?
Arizona, California (we currently live here)*, Colorado, Connecticut, Hawaii*, Illinois, Louisiana*, Massachusetts, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Texas, Washington*, Washington, D.C., and Wyoming.

Where have you traveled to outside the US?
Australia, Belgium, Brunei, Canada, China, England, Equador, Fiji, France, Greece, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Morocco, the Netherlands, Peru, Singapore*, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan*, Thailand, and Vietnam.

* Places we’ve brought our kid to

Which destinations have been the most memorable and why?

  • Spending my son’s first birthday in Sun Moon Lake in Taiwan with family I don’t see often
  • Hiking Machu Picchu (the mountain, not just the Incan ruins) when I have a fear of heights and being in total awe of what an ancient civilization was capable of
  • Spotting giant tortoises and many other animals like Darwin once did on the Galapagos Islands
  • Hiking from Fira to Oia on the Greek isle of Santorini, which afforded postcard-worthy views at every turn
  • Crossing the Strait of Gibraltar from Spain to Morocco and doing a day-trip exploring the colorful city of Tangier
  • Flying high above the island of Kauai in an open door helicopter, because I nearly shit my pants (did I mention the part about being acrophobic?!)
  • Hiking from colorful town to town in Cinque Terre in coastal Italy and staying on an olive farm in La Spetzia
  • Spending three days at the Milan World Expo in 2015; it was such an awesome experience that we hope to visit as many world expos as we can in the future!