Day 35: Tuesday, November 13, 2012
Most of the day was spent in transit, but we finally checked into our hotel at Shanghai’s Le Meridian, right along Nanjing Dong Lu (Nanjing East Road) where all the shopping and dining action happens. I was so upset for not bringing my camera out since I thought we were just venturing outside briefly for food — until the lights, people, action sucked us in and we walked all the way to The Bund. Please excuse the cell-phone quality photos!

nanjing1 nanjing2

The last time I was in Shanghai was in 2009 where there was construction all along the Bund; I was surprised to see how much has changed in just a few years!

thebund thebund2

After consuming a very non-Chinese dinner of greasy KFC and Mr. Donut (don’t judge…), we walked back through Nanjing Dong Lu to witness a bunch of cute mommies dancing in sync to a boombox, before heading up to the skybar on the 65th floor of our hotel for drinks. Despite all the trafficy taxi rides and waiting at the airports, I would call this a worthwhile day!