When you have beautifully pruned gardens, pedestrian paths along the Seine, and museums in what were once ornate palaces and grand train stations, it’s no wonder that you’re labeled the “most romantic city” in the world. At the same time, I’ve never been in any other city where I’ve had to try so hard to please the locals — speak their language, order proper 3-course meals, and avoid inadvertent offense. Nor have I ever been so paranoid to hear “Speak English?” (and then “Hablo Espanol?” seriously?), especially when I’m trying to take a photo in peace. Oh, Paris…

But when your opera houses and city halls look like palaces and roundabouts exhibit [former] imperial glory…you can’t help but be charming and dramatic at the same time, like the residents.

Best meal in Paris, at Pirouette:

I’m so proud of my phone for taking most of these!