Considering that we spent the first day in Santorini hiking from one town to another, we spent the second staying in Fira, determined not to venture off elsewhere. A massage, cocktail, and sun tan later, we headed back into town, to explore the island’s capital in detail this time around.

When the whole town’s built into a cliff, nearly every restaurant has a spectacular view of the caldera:

With just a carry-on each and nearly three weeks abroad, I collected photos instead of trinkets as my souvenirs; but when we stumbled upon this sandal maker and his store, I felt compelled to watch him work — and eventually — buy a pair. The style that I wanted had only one pair left in my size, but it had already suntanned to the rich cognac color that usually comes with handling and usage. I wanted a pale “virgin” pair in the beautiful neutral vachetta, so I could experience it change color over time. (This proved a bit difficult to explain at first, as he kept assuring me that the neutral tan would turn cognac within a week’s time, and that they were all the same, “I promise!”) In the end, he made a new pair for me (in 30 minutes, for 30 euros) <3 [gallery type="rectangular" ids="5376"] [gallery type="rectangular" ids="5377,5378,5379,5380,5381"] We walked around in circles until it was time to watch the sunset: [gallery type="rectangular" ids="5372"] [gallery type="rectangular" ids="5368,5371"] Nighttime snack: [gallery type="rectangular" ids="5373,5369"] Goodbye, Santorini. You were definitely my favorite <3