Day 22: Wednesday, October 31, 2012
Port day in Nha Trang! Our ship anchored in the middle of the ocean, just before the gondola lift, so we took a tender boat to get to shore…






We hopped aboard a shuttle bus to downtown and wandered around the morning flea market before grabbing some pho and spring rolls at a seemingly decent looking restaurant. I’d have to say, pho tastes much better in the Bay Area…

market1 market2 market3 market4 market5 market6 market7 market8

Fully fed, we boarded our Vietnamese-sized tour bus and checked out the Cham Towers built by an ancient civilization:

cham1 cham2 cham3 cham4

The views from the towers were magnificent, too!

view1 view2

As adventure would have it, we walked through what seemed to be a residential neighborhood and got to this riverside home (with school children waving to us) where we boarded a small boat…



and checked out a fishing village on blue boats…



then stopped at a family-run clay oven “backyard type of business” where chickens and dogs were just running around…




At the cafe in front, and there was a really cute puppy!


We got back on our boat and headed to a shady picnic area for coconuts:


Then we zoomed off on our boat again to disembark near a rickety bridge (that motorcycles actually cross!) to hop back on the bus and check out an ancient home, where we had tropical fruits and tea (from a teapot hidden in a giant coconut “thermos”!) while people played the zither and an Asian flute.

boat8 boat9

Afterward, we went back to civilization where Ryan bought some fake polos and “Abercrombie” shorts for cheap.