Venice is like a real-life, grown-up version of Disneyland: a small, contained world full of wonder and chaos at the same time. You get lost in a sea of people, marvel at the intricate and colorful buildings, go on boat rides, eat copious amounts of sweets, and wander aimlessly in circles until your body urges you to seek shelter in an overpriced restaurant.

You start to believe that the labyrinthine world was actually built as a tourist trap, until you look up, see all the laundry lines, and realize that people actually live here. In Venice. A world without cars, street lights, greenery, or even stores necessary for daily life (like Costco and Apple)… a world surrounded by water and separated from “real” civilization — and somehow once a major maritime power and wealthy renaissance city.

Welcome to…
Disneyland : The Happiest Place on Earth :: Venice : The Least ADA-accessible Place on Earth!