Being 1. prone to motion sickness and 2. acrophobic, I tried to keep my eyes closed although I couldn’t because we drove through tropical rain forests with papaya and mango trees and the occasional waterfall. From high altitudes, we caught glimpses of the untainted blue ocean and hidden beaches before ending up on multiple shores.

Be sure to grab packed lunches in Paia because there are only fruit stands and such along the Hana highway! Leave as early as possible so you can backtrack before sunset.

Twin Falls/fruit stand:

Admittedly, we never walked farther than the fruit stand, so I have no idea what Twin Falls looks like. The coconut was refreshing though!

Garden of Eden:

At $10 per person, the entry fee was a bit steep for a full van, but the garden was breathtakingly beautiful. We ate our packed lunches here as peacocks begged for crumbs!

Keanae Point:

Beautiful scenic point! To get here, you have to go off road a bit and the lava rock shore lacks sandy beaches, so it’s unsuitable for lounging but perfect for postcard worthy pictures! There’s also a food stand nearby with shaved ice and banana nut bread.

Hamoa Beach:

We arrived at Hana Beach, which did not seem all that impressive, so we drove a few more miles south to discover this hidden gem: Hamoa Beach. Best decision ever! We all wished we could have stayed longer, but no one wanted to risk driving back past sunset.

“I survived the Road to Hana” and its one-way passes, bridges, and extreme curves!!!!!

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  1. Sarah LaClaire April 3, 2012 at 1:54 pm

    Wow! Those are some beautiful road to hana photos! I’ve done a lot of research on this place, but we’ve never actually been able to go there for ourselves! Thanks for telling about the secret beach, I’ll for sure make it down there if/when I get to go in the future!