Day 34: Monday, November 12, 2012
I think yesterday was a little too much adventure out in the cold, so we wanted to check out some place with a little more shelter and warmth. After a buffet lunch at Feast in the Sheraton, we took the subway to get to a nice shopping center called The Village. I don’t know what I was expecting (something a little more village-like, perhaps?) but lo and behold, shiny faceted buildings and even an Apple Store!

village1 village2

After making a few circles in the basement floor, we decided to catch a movie at Megabox and opted for something “Asian” — Taichi II. It wasn’t very Asian at all, cinamatically speaking, anyway. Afterward, we sat down at a very packed restaurant called The Orient Kitchen, which was cheap but decent Chinese food with a “Cheesecake Factory style” menu full of endless options.


The buildings looked really pretty at night, so I decided to take a few long exposure shots before heading back.

village4 village5 village6